13 injured, clergyman thrown out of window in hothouse propagandize train pile-up in northern China

Thirteen people were harmed after a hothouse propagandize train was strike by a lorry in northern China, according to a journal report.

Two people were severely harmed in a collision in Sui county in Henan province, a Beijing Youth Daily said, citing a internal government.

Eleven children killed as kindergarten train plunges into pond

The lorry motorist has been incarcerated by a military and an review into a pile-up is underway.

The train was carrying some-more than 30 children and teachers when a collision happened on Wednesday morning.

One of a teachers was thrown out of a window in a crash.

Residents in a area told a journal that trade lights during a connection where a collision happened were not working.

The internal supervision also denied another journal news that 6 had died in a accident.

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