American Express and the merchants share passion for extended patron experience

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Lee Heng Diamond Group

Positive word of mouth is a pivotal to a success enjoyed by all 4 trinket brands of Lee Heng Diamond Group. “There are many opposite forms of customers. We essay to say a coherence in delivering peculiarity products and particular patron use to prove clients so that they will suggest us to impending customers,” shares Mr Maximilian Ma, Chairman of Lee Heng Diamond Group.

“With a certain word of mouth, we acquire customer’s confidence. This relates to all a brands,” adds Mr Ma.

“Our brands mount for good value and integrity in pricing for all. Our prudent product selections are befitting to customers’ needs. We say top-notch product peculiarity and safeguard availability. And a customer’s knowledge is extended with exquisite use delivery.”

The hint of a brands’ patron knowledge is that frontline employees enthuse customers’ confidence. “Our care inspires and motivates a employees to code with a brands’ values. We know that frontline employees yield a business in a same approach they’re treated by a management,” Mr Ma notes. “We let them know that they are flourishing together with a company. We teach a particular winning suggestion and a brands’ credit in a staff.”

It’s ideal that shoppers feel assured about a brands’ products and use as shortly as they enter a shops. “Shoppers feel a frontline staff’s honour in a brands … we tell a staff that any new shopper to a code is a plea and we’ll try to offer them a best,” he continues. “Every returning patron is an support given it implies that they are confident with their final experience.”

Despite a heightening marketplace competition, a organisation has continued to thrive, interjection to a unchanging business strategies of “innovation, enlargement and continuity”. For instance, a trailblazing MaBelle code pioneered a untroubled selling experience, smart nonetheless affordable solid designs and a bound cost process during a launch in a early 1990s that were a depart from a norm. Among MaBelle’s innovations was that it loaned normal 24-karat bullion spousal trinket to a brides-to-be for their weddings, so that couples could have a bigger bill for spousal solid jewellery. Another one was a 14-day no-question-asked lapse policy. “Some colleagues voiced regard that many business competence take advantage and lapse products ragged once or twice,” Mr Ma recalls. “That did not happen. Annual sales rose scarcely 2 times after a doing of a process and customarily a immaterial series of equipment were returned.”

With unchanging smoothness of peculiarity products and veteran use that emanate first-class patron experience, a 4 brands essay to surpass customer’s expectation. “We rivet business and enthuse their faithfulness with frankness and authenticity,” Mr Ma says.

TTP Japan Fashion

The emporium walls of TTP Japan Fashion are intoxicated with snapshots of a retailer’s customers/friends happy gatherings organized by owners Ms Tammy Cheung. In business for 28 years, a Japan’s conform tradesman has built a constant following. “Many business have turn my friends,” she shares.

Driven by her passion for high-quality conform done in Japan and customer’s satisfaction, Ms Cheung excels during delivering an superb patron knowledge by providing frank consultant recommendation to make any patron demeanour superb and stylish. Her well-developed customer’s use encompasses minute reason of a excellent designs, craftsmanship and peculiarity materials of her merchandise. She also provides personalised services, including alterations and special preference for particular clients formed on specific occasions. “I wish my clients to conclude a peculiarity of a garments and a singular concepts behind them. Sincerity is a key. My veteran recommendation helps any patron to name equipment befitting to her.”

“Good patron use really helps expostulate business and build patron loyalty,” says Ms Cheung, adding that over 70 percent of a sales come from unchanging clients.

It is TTP’s unrestrained and personalised use that win it a recognisation of Member Favorite in both 2015 and 2016. Merchants are comparison to be a Member Favorite as they are a elite selling or dining locations of American Express Card Members. This year, Card Members can even accept a matter credit underneath a Amex Love Local programme to be launched in September.

A aloft turn of sophistication distinguishes American Express Card Members. “They tend to be bigger spenders,” Ms Cheung notes, adding that when her clients make payments, she customarily initial asks if they are American Express Card Members. “Many are penetrating given they suffer a advantages offered, for instance mileage programme.” American Express support for merchants also includes quick payment.

American Express employees make unchanging visits to TTP and thousands other businesses as partial of a “Reaching out with a Smile” programme – to uncover a brand’s appreciation for a merchants and let them know that they are flourishing together by a partnership. “This is a singular service. It helps raise a bargain of American Express’ mixed advantages for a Card Members,” Ms Cheung says.

Guided by a invariable joining to moving faithfulness and formulating some-more value by any communication with a label members, American Express, in partnership with a merchants, will continue to yield top-notch patron services to a internal community.

American Express Card Members now suffer Apple Pay

A smarter remuneration choice is now available to American Express Card Members: they can use Apple Pay during any American Express-enabled contactless readers.

Amex Love Local

From Sep 6 to Oct 5, American Express Card Members can suffer HK$30 matter credit with spending of HK$100 or above during participating merchants, including all Member Favorite merchants. Visit:

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