And now for the serious business of the G20: shopping

Despite their busy schedule at the G20 summit, some world leaders and their spouses have managed to seize the time to go shopping in downtown Hangzhou before the summit got under way on Sunday afternoon, mainland media reported.

The Russian delegation spent nearly four hours in the Hangzhou Tower, one of the city’s most popular shopping complexes in the city centre, according to a local newspaper, the Qianjiang Evening News.

The delegation reportedly spent a total of 300,000 yuan (HK$340,000). More than half of that, 180,000 yuan, was rung up at the Luolai Home Textile bed linen store, China’s first name in home textiles, the newspaper reported.

They also spent almost 100,000 yuan in jewellery, 29,800 yuan on suits and dresses from Italian fashion house Dolce Gabbana and 5,000 yuan on toys, the report said.

Around noon, Argentina’s President Mauricio Macri and first lady Julinana Awada were spotted having lunch at an Italian restaurant in the same shopping complex, as 10 staffers from their delegation dined at another table.

The couple spend 379 yuan on their set lunch. Not a big fan of garlic, the first lady told the restaurant not to add any of it in her dish, the report said.

The Hangzhou Tower also received Canadian first lady Sophie Grégoire-Trudeau and her daughter, who spent about an hour shopping on Saturday afternoon.

After wandering through a silk dress shop and two fashion brand stores, Ms Trudeau bought herself a 3,000-yuan evening dress from Dolce Gabbana.

Around the same time, Brazilian President Michel Temer was at the same shopping mall trying on shoes.

Timer chose a dark brown pair, made in Guangdong province, which was originally priced at 2,588 yuan. But because the model only had two sizes left for customers to choose from, he was given a discount price of 798 yuan.

He also bought a robot dog toy, also made in Guangdong, which could sing and dance from voice commands, for 399 yuan.

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