‘As prolonged as we have you’: Bride’s touching debate moves many during wedding

The marriage ceromony of a newlyweds, with usually 10 guest creation coming due to downpours in Xinxiang city of Central China’s Henan range on Jun 9, 2016. [Photo/People’s Daily Online]


The city of Xinxiang in Central China’s Henan range gifted record-setting complicated rainfall over a weekend. In a midst of a downpours, one integrate got married in a really surprising marriage ceremony. The bride and husband creatively designed to have a large marriage on Jun 9, with over 300 guest invited to take part. However, due to a serious weather, usually 10 guest done it to a rite in a end. Thankfully, a integrate managed to have a special marriage anyway. In fact, a bride’s difference during a rite overwhelmed many people: “Even yet we have no guests, no limousine, no fireworks and no music, nothing of that matters; as prolonged as we have you, I’m happy.”

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