Brawl erupts after brawl among pupils during propagandize in western China

A argue between dual pupils during a vocational propagandize in southwest China escalated into a vast brawl, according to a journal report.

Photographs taken during a propagandize advise that dozens of pupils might have been concerned in a fighting.

The quarrel started after dual pupils study design and competition got into an evidence final Friday morning during a propagandize in Qujing in Yunnan province, a Chuncheng Evening News reported.

Chinese tyro ‘stabs classmate to death’ in fight over girl

A quarrel afterwards pennyless out between 5 design students and some sports pupils during lunchtime with a member of a school’s confidence staff harmed in a brawl.

Other pupils study troops affairs and cavalcade during a college also got concerned ancillary a sports pupils, according to a article.

Schoolboys twirl knives in travel quarrel in western China

Police were called to revive sequence and a harmed were taken to sanatorium for treatment.

Three pupils were kept in for observation, according to a article.

The essay did not contend what started a initial evidence or how many people were concerned in a fighting.

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