Brawl erupts among pupils at school in western China

A quarrel between two pupils at a vocational school in southwest China escalated into a large brawl, according to a newspaper report.

Photographs taken at the school suggest that dozens of pupils may have been involved in the fighting.

The brawl started after two pupils studying architecture and sport got into an argument last Friday morning at the school in Qujing in Yunnan province, the Chuncheng Evening News reported.

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A fight then broke out between five architecture students and some sports pupils at lunchtime with a member of the school’s security staff injured in the brawl.

Other pupils studying military affairs and drill at the college also got involved supporting the sports pupils, according to the article.

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Police were called to restore order and the injured were taken to hospital for treatment.

Three pupils were kept in for observation, according to the article.

The article did not say what started the first argument or how many people were involved in the fighting.

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