Chart of a day: A category in Shanghai

Continuing a demeanour during Chinese indices, since 3 of August’s tip 10 performers among Bloomberg’s “primary” equity ones were a Asian giant’s, Shanghai’s A-share index has been consolidating orderly opposite support during 3,200 points – that in classical text character had been insurgency in July. Monday’s tiny produce candle opposite this draft level, that orderly coincides with trend line support from June’s low, ought to poke prices behind adult towards 3,400 points. Ten, 50-, and 100-day relocating averages are now orderly aligned in a transparent bullish mode, a shortest one picking adult on Tuesday’s close. The index is not overbought on a relations strength index as it was mid-August and, depending on momentum, a convene to 3,600 is possible.

Nicole Elliott is a technical analyst

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