Chart of a day: Blame it on Brexit

This weekend British Prime Minister Theresa May told us that negotiations to leave a European Union would start no after than a finish of Mar 2017. Exchange rate between a bruise and a US dollar dipped a small bit again on a news, yet managed to reason above July’s low during US$1.28. From a record high during a referendum week, volumes have dwindled and both celebrated and pragmatic sensitivity collapsed. So has a nine-week relocating normal and a massive, bearish Ichimoku cloud continues to bear down. However, carrying spent a third entertain of 2016 between US$1.28 and US$1.35, movement is neutral. Gaps on a proceed down also spirit during intensity overconfidence in those looking to sell argent opposite a dollar; we would advise a some-more discreet approach.

Nicole Elliott is a technical analyst

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