China starts 7th Arctic expedition

SHANGHAI – “Xuelong” (Snow Dragon), China’s investigate vessel, left a Shanghai pier on Monday for a Arctic, a country’s seventh speed to a frigid region.

Xia Limin, from a State Oceanic Administration, pronounced that scientists will commence investigate on sea chemistry, ecology, geology, geophysics and sea ice dynamics.

Xia, who is also investigate group leader, pronounced that American and French scientists had been invited to join a 128-member investigate group on a 10,000-sea-mile tour that is approaching to take 78 days.

American and French scientists will join China’s Arctic speed group in sea and sourroundings research, a pierce Xia pronounced that will assistance “promote peace, fortitude and tolerable growth in a Arctic region.”

In further to areas lonesome by Xuelong’s prior Arctic expeditions, a boat will also revisit a Mendeleyev Ridge in a Arctic Ocean.

The boat is versed with dual helicopters, investigate support systems and puncture equipment, he said.

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