Chinese couple injured in parents’ confrontation after attacking daughter’s schoolmates

A man in northwestern China broke his ribs in a scuffle with the parents of his daughter’s roommate on Wednesday.

The man, surnamed Guo, and his wife had allegedly attacked four of their daughter’s roommates in a vocational college in the city of Shangluo, Shaanxi province, the day before, Huashang Daily reported.

The couple allegedly hit, slapped and kicked the students, according to the report.

One of the roommates, surnamed Cui, complained about the incident to her parents, who turned up at the college the next day to confront the Guo family.

During the confrontation that turned violent, the Guo couple were injured, and the father was later diagnosed to have broken some of his ribs.

While Cui’s mother declined to discuss her confrontation with the Guo couple, she told reporters that the couple pulled out her daughter’s hair.

A student from the dormitory beside the girls said the Guo couple slapped her when she intervened to stop them from striking the other students.

Another student said the Guo daughter had accused her of not sweeping the floor of their room on the day the student was rostered to do so.

“Maybe she told her parents about the room cleaning dispute,” the student said.

The Guo couple denied attacking the students and the daughter told reporters that she had previously been kicked by her roommates.

The four students were examined in a hospital after feeling unwell following the attack, the report said.

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