Chinese rascal suspects ‘use hit lenses to mark poker player’s noted cards and fool him out of 70,000 yuan’

Four suspected fraudsters were incarcerated in southwestern China after one of them allegedly wore special hit lenses to brand noted cards hold by a opposition poker actor and fool him out of 70,000 yuan (HK$81,000), mainland media reports.

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The victim, identified usually by his surname Feng, mislaid 10,000 yuan in money and an additional 60,000 yuan he had betrothed in a created IOU during a array of poker hands played in a hotel room in Dali, Yunnan province, a news portal reported.

When a 5 were gambling final month, one think wore a hit lenses that could recognize a backs of a noted cards and exhibit what palm Feng was holding.

The think afterwards reportedly used gestures to tip off his teammates, so they knew what cards to play.

The lenses helped a 4 to win each palm of poker they played with a victim, a news said.

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The plant complained to military on Sep 23, claiming he had been unperceiving by a suspects before personification poker.

Police found a 4 suspects sleeping in a hotel room and seized some-more than 30 decks of noted cards and a set of a hit lenses, according to a report.

The suspects reportedly told military they had duped a plant into travelling to Dali by revelation him they would find him clients for his insecticide business.

Then they invited Feng to play with them during their hotel.

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