Chinese girl, 4, dies of suffocation after driver ‘forgets’ he left her inside car parked in sun for eight hours

A four-year-old Chinese girl died after being left for eight hours in a car parked in the blazing hot sun, mainland media reports.

Doctors said the girl, Ting Ting, suffocated on Wednesday when the car driver of a private kindergarten taking her to a school in Tianjin forgot she was still inside and parked the vehicle to fix the brakes, the news website, reported.

“Her lips and neck were purple. Her eyes were open. And her body was stiff,” Ting Ting’s weeping mother, who was not named in reports, said.

The 37-year-old driver has been arrested, along with his wife, who is also the head of the kindergarten, the report said.

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He said he forgot about his only passenger after stopping to fix his car’s brakes at the gate of the kindergarten.

After completing the work he then left the car parked in the sun for eight hours.

He realised he had left the girl in the car when he went to pick her up in the classroom, only to be told she had not shown up that day, the report said. The girl was then taken out of the car and rushed to a local hospital, where she was pronounced dead.

“Doctors said the body became like this one to two hours after suffocation.”

The girl’s parents paid the driver 90 yuan a month for the pick-up service provided by the kindergarten.

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Ting Ting’s teacher said she had been unable to contact the parents to ask about Ting Ting’s whereabouts during the day because she did not have their telephone numbers.

In protest against the kindergarten, which has more than 100 students, angry relatives of the dead child laid wreaths and burnt joss paper at the front gate of the kindergarten, the report said.

They also displayed a banner that said “Give my child back”.

The operation of the kindergarten has been suspended, the China News Service reported.

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