Chinese male jumps to genocide after unwell to get hundreds of thousands of yuan in delinquent salary from ex-boss

A male jumped to his genocide from a building in eastern China on Tuesday after unwell regularly to get his income – totalling hundreds of thousands of yuan – from his former employer.

The man, identified usually by his surname Li, had been perplexing to locate his former employer during a building in Changfeng county, Anhui province, according to Anhui Commercial News.

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Li, in his 50s, reportedly started operative with his former boss, a businessman, 8 years ago though had been due his income – amounting to a six-figure sum in yuan – over a years, a news quoted Li’s family as saying.

Li attempted regularly to collect his income from a businessman, though to no avail, a news said.

On Tuesday morning, Li went to a building that he and his former trainer had built in 2008 to confront a man, though he could not be found.

Angered and frustrated, he afterwards threw himself off a 6th building of a building, according to a report.

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Li’s family pronounced Li had been underneath extensive vigour as a income he was due also enclosed other workers’ wages. The authorities were now looking in a matter, a news said.

It is not odd in China for migrant workers to be due their wages. These workers mostly face a miss of means to get their income behind from their employers.

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