Chinese people search for food among expired, rotting waste in rubbish dump

Many people, including children, have been photographed searching a rubbish site in central China to find edible food among the vast quantity of expired and rotting produce thrown out by a warehouse.

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The residents were seen sorting through the waste at a yard in Huangpi district, in Wuhan, the capital of Hubei province, around this month’s National Day holiday after a warehouse dumped the unwanted food, news website reported on Tuesday.

Some people started eating the food, including milk chocolate, chicken, pastries and cooked eggs, as soon as they had found it, the report said.

Others drove vehicles, including cars and motorcycles, to the yard so they could load them with food to take home, while street traders collected the discarded food to sell at stalls and local markets.

Some residents reportedly went to the yard after dark to search for food.

No security guards or officials tried to stop people entering the area, the report said.

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One woman reportedly filled a whole cart with discarded expired food items she had found inside a skip, which she said would be used by several families.

It is unclear from the report why so much food had been thrown away, or which warehouse had discarded it.

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