Chinese pupils forced to live in rooms converted from smelly toilets in overcrowded school

A secondary school in southwestern China has converted toilets into rooms for its pupils.

The Tongren City No 15 Secondary School in Guizhou province converted the toilets within a dormitory building into bedrooms to house its overwhelming intake of pupils, the Beijing Youth Daily reported.

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Photos posted online showed beds put over squat toilets that were filled with cement.

Pupils took to the internet to complain about the foul odour that persisted in their rooms, where bunk beds had been installed in spaces that were previously used as toilets.

“Our school told us that we are here to study, not to enjoy life and that we should overcome the hardship,” one pupil, who declined to be named, told the newspaper.

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Three of his classmates who had been assigned to live in the “toilet dorms” decided to rent rooms outside the school instead, he said.

The school had previously published a notice saying that the toilet dorms were just a temporary measure to resolve the problem of overcrowding, according to the report.

“Once power and water supply of the teachers’ dormitory is connected, [the pupils assigned to the toilet dorms] would be moved there,” an unidentified school employee told the paper.

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But no expected construction completion date for the teachers’ dorm has been set, according to the report.

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