Chinese residents fear tower block may fall down after walls on one floor knocked through to create massive flat

People living in a tower block in southern China fear the building may be unsafe after a man bought an entire floor and knocked out most of the walls to make a huge flat, according to a newspaper report.

The man had the work carried out in Guiyang in Guizhou province, the Guizhou Metropolis Daily reported.

More than 100 residents gathered at the property management office on Sunday, questioning whether it was still safe to live in the building, the newspaper said.

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Some residents said several walls which might be critical for the building’s structural integrity have already been destroyed.

The man bought all six apartments on the ground floor of the compound, residents were quoted as saying.

“He was rude and arrogant, ignoring our request for safety evaluation. He said he would continue knocking down the walls by calling in more workers,” a woman told the newspaper.

The buyer told the newspaper his renovation work posed no threat to the building’s safety. He rejected the newspaper’s request to go inside and examine the work.

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A property manager said they had reported the dispute to the relevant authorities.

The government could impose a fine of up to 50,000 yuan (HK$58,000) fine for illegal modification of a building’s structure, according to city’s regulations, the report said.

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