Chinese woman who posts ‘suicide’ video saved after slitting her wrists and sitting on 17th-floor windowsill

A Chinese woman who posted a video on social media suggesting she wanted to commit suicide was rescued by firefighters after she slit her wrists and sat out on the windowsill of her 17th-storey flat, mainland media reports.

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Friends of the unnamed woman from Chongqing alerted firemen after she put the video on WeChat, a Chinese instant messaging app, at noon on Sunday, news website reported.

When rescue services arrived they saw the woman sitting precariously on the windowsill while in an emotional state. She was throwing her personal items, including clothes, bags and a drink bottle, into the street below.

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The woman, who shared the apartment with her friends, had intended to slit her wrists and then jump to her death from the building because of relationship problems, the report said.

Firefighters quickly inflated a large air cushion below the woman’s window in case she fell.

After finding the door to her bedroom was locked, they decided to climb down to her window from the flat above and rescue her.

When they spotted the woman going back inside the flat to find more objects to throw into the street they quickly descended and blocked the window while other firemen broke in through her bedroom door and wrested a knife from her hand.

She was then taken to a local police station, the report said.

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