County that paved China’s Great Wall now fencing sections with wire mesh

A section of the Great Wall in northeastern China will be fenced off for the safety of tourists, after local authorities sparked controversy by “repairing” it with cement recently.

Dozens of villagers were tasked to transfer concrete posts and spools of wire mesh from the foot of the mountain on Monday to fence off sections of the Great Wall in Suizhou county, Liaoning province, news portal reported.

The first step of the project is to dig holes for the posts, and wire mesh will be installed after the concrete posts settle, the report said.

Liu Chunhua, the deputy director of the cultural relics bureau of Suizhong county, told the website it is the bureau’s responsibility to ensure tourists’ safety and prevent them from climbing unsafe areas.

He did not comment on any effects the project might have on the cultural value of the area.

Work on the Great Wall that was completed by the county two years ago made headlines after tourists posted photos on the internet that showed the top of the wall paved with concrete.

The State Administration of Cultural Heritage said late last month that the restoration work was “improper”. An investigation team said the repairs covered over the crenels on the wall for 780 meters.

The administration ordered the provincial cultural relics bureau to identify what went wrong with the project and strictly deal with the related officials.

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