Customised Louis Vuitton perfume ‘trunk’ yours for HK$45,000

Trunk show There’s been much ado about Louis Vuitton launching its first fragrances in seven decades this year. The series of seven scents, which include our favourites, Turbulences, Apogée and Dans la Peau, were all made by master perfumer Jacques Cavallier-Belletrud in the French brand’s recently acquired perfume atelier, Les Fontaines Parfumées, in Grasse, Provence. You can buy each 100ml bottle for HK$2,000 (200ml bottles are available for HK$3,000 each) but for those true Vuitton obsessives, there’s the limited-edition, customised monogrammed mini-trunk containing three 100ml bottles of your choice – going for a cool HK$45,000 (perfumes included) and avail­able exclusively at the Canton Road flagship store, in Tsim Sha Tsui. The trunk was inspired by 1920s vanity cases carried by elegant women on their travels.