Digital Domain raises uninformed investment from Qualcomm chairman

Digital Domain Holdings, that operates a world’s largest eccentric visual-effects company, has lifted new investment from Qualcomm executive authority Paul Jacobs amid an desirous bid to build a initial prolongation trickery in mainland China.

In a filing with a Hong Kong batch sell on Tuesday night, Digital Domain arch executive Daniel Seah Ang pronounced a association concluded to distribute and emanate a sum of 70 million shares to a Paul E Jacobs Trust for HK$38.5 million.

That proclamation followed Digital Domain’s signing of a chit of bargain with Chinese firm Dalian Wanda Group, a world’s biggest private skill developer and cinema sequence operator.

Under a agreement, Digital Domain will settle a initial supposed suit constraint theatre in Wanda Studios Qingdao, a filmmaking formidable being grown by a Wanda Group and a Qingdao metropolitan supervision during an estimated cost of US$8.2 billion.

“With Wanda Studios Qingdao, a world’s largest film and radio industrial park, we’re bringing not usually a top-notch Hollywood technologies, though also substantiating a largest suit constraint theatre in Asia,” Seah pronounced in a statement.

“Our high-end record will be means to support to a prolongation needs of opposite film genres.”

Motion constraint is a routine of recording a transformation of objects or people, a record that started in a life sciences marketplace for speed analysis. It is now widely used by visible effects studios for movies, TV shows, video games and promotion campaigns.

Digital Domain’s enlargement skeleton in mainland China, a world’s second biggest film market, have led it to settle a internal auxiliary in Jan and pursue increasing financing over a past 12 months.

The investment by Jacobs, who is a son of Qualcomm’s founder, represents a fourth vital subscription understanding done by Digital Domain given Dec final year.

Headquartered in California, semiconductor and telecommunications association Qualcomm is a world’s tip retailer of mobile chips used in smartphones and other wireless devices.

According to Digital Domain, it has cumulative net deduction totalling HK$579.95 million from vital subscription sell in Dec and May.

About HK$362.87 million of that volume will be used for Digital Domain’s media party business segment, that is mostly stoical of a operations of visible effects auxiliary Digital Domain 3.0.

The award-winning Los Angeles-based auxiliary owns and operates a largest suit constraint theatre in North America, according to Digital Domain.

The investment by Jacobs’ personal trust and another subscription understanding final month that is nonetheless to tighten are approaching to volume to HK$238.25 million in net proceeds.

Completion of those dual deals are redeeming on a capitulation of a inventory cabinet of a Hong Kong batch exchange.

“The introduction of vital investors … not usually represents their certainty in Digital Domain’s plain business foundation, sound plan and strong potential, though also … increases a collateral bottom for destiny business development,” Seah pronounced final month.

The association final month reported an halt net detriment of HK$158.88 million, compared with a HK$76.39 million necessity in a initial half of final year.

Revenue, however, grew 19 per cent to HK$348.13 million, adult from HK$293.49 million a year earlier.

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