Ding Junhui scores considerable win over universe champion Mark Selby to explain second Shanghai Masters title

Chinese array one Ding Junhui degraded universe champion Mark Selby to turn a initial actor to win a Shanghai Masters pretension twice with a glorious 10-6 win in a final.

It was a magnitude of punish for a Chinese who mislaid out 18-14 in a final of final year’s World Championships to England’s Selby.

Ding was trailing during 1-3 though fought behind with a array of large breaks to take a 6-3 lead during a interval.

Selby strike behind after a interlude with large breaks of his possess including runs of 72, 102 and 53 to turn a compare during 6-6.

Watch: Ding Junhui defeats Mark Selby in a final of a Shanghai Masters

But Ding pulled transparent again holding control of a compare with breaks of 97 and 63 on his approach to a title

“I feel like I’m behind to where we was in 2013. It’s special to win behind to behind tournaments,” pronounced Ding who also cumulative feat final time out during a Six Red World Championship.

Mark Selby lands a double for Leicester as he sees off Ding Junhui plea to win World Championship

“I felt so clever in a final frame. Mark was entrance behind during me and he is so clever in reserve so he was perplexing to get snookers. He done each shot so formidable for me, we was only perplexing to strike a red, that’s it.

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“This is a special contest in Shanghai, it was been going given 2007 and we have schooled a lot from it. I’m always really happy to win anywhere in China.”

The feat rises a 29-year-old Ding to array 6 in a universe rankings and confirms his excellent start to a new season.