‘Don’t buy iPhone 7, or you’re fired’, Chinese sanatorium staff warned

A city sanatorium in southwestern China has warned a staff that anyone held violation a new order banning them from shopping a latest iPhone 7 could be fired, according to Chinese media.

The despotic order is partial of measures to clamp down on a sanatorium employees’ impracticable lifestyles, a Chongqing Times reported on Wednesday.

An central notice expelled by a Chongqing Fuling Xinjiuzhou Women’s Hospital in Chongqing pronounced since a latest iPhone models had captivated record-high prices for smartphones, all members of staff were banned from shopping an iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus.

The sanatorium pronounced it wanted to inspire staff to adopt a committed and frugal lifestyle forward of a country’s National Day holiday, that starts on Saturday.

Any member of staff who unsuccessful to approve with a order would be unfit from a end-of-year appraisals for awards or would simply be fired, a notice said.

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The sanatorium reliable it had expelled a directive.

But later, a hospital’s executive told Chongqing Commercial Daily that a gauge was directed during ancillary domestic brands, and suggested it would not stop staff from regulating iPhone7s.

The executive combined that staff members were available to use iPhone 6 and iPhone 5 models.

This is not a initial time that a mainland Chinese association has threatened to glow staff if they were found to have bought new iPhone products as a approach of expressing nationalism or display support for domestic smartphone brands.

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On Sep 21, a association in Nanyang, Henan province, published a identical notice that warned staff they were banned from shopping new iPhone 7s.

It also speedy those people from abundant families to caring some-more about a health of their relatives and children, as good as a country’s future, according to state media reports.

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