Elderly Chinese man saves vehicles from driving on road that then collapsed in landslide

An elderly Chinese man stopped more than 50 vehicles from driving on a cracked roadway, before the road collapsed in a landslide caused by heavy rain, the Chongqing Morning Post reports.

The cars, trucks and buses could have fallen down a 100-metre cliff if they had ventured onto the fragile road connecting Chongqing and Guizhou province, the report said.

On the morning of June 28, 64-year-old Rao Guohua saw heavy rains had caused cracks in a busy section of road in front of his house in Chongqing.

He started shouting at vehicles coming from both sides, telling the drivers to avoid the cracked section.

At least 13 killed in landslide in southwest China

“He even had his meals on the road,” Rao’s wife told reporters. “He was afraid something terrible would happen if the road collapsed during the night.”

A 70-metre section of the road slid down the cliff early the next morning.

Although the foundations of his house were also being washed out by the rain, Rao stayed by the road for more than 20 hours, until government workers arrived to take over directing traffic.

Drivers and passengers of vehicles Rao directed away had visited his home over the past two months to thank him for saving their lives, the report said.

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