Families of incarcerated China lawyers harassed: statement

More than 200 attorneys and rights campaigners were hold in a outrageous operation launched on Jul 9, 2015 famous as a 709 crackdown — named after a date of a initial disappearance.

“We strongly direct a Chinese supervision to recover all a detainees concerned in a 709 crackdown … Stop all a monitoring, harassment, shadowing and harm towards all a detainees’ families,” a kin pronounced in a matter sent to AFP.

They combined that they were firmly monitored by a military on a “24-hour basis.”

“We are tailed, force(d) to pierce out of a house, tormented during midnight, blocked from work and there are children who can frequency enter a school. We can no longer continue a normal life,” they said.

In total, 23 lawyers and rights activists hold during a 709 crackdown are still in detention, according to a document’s signatories, all though one of whom are a wives of a detainees. The other is a sister.

“Over a past year … a efforts were always in vain as we were greeted by a officials with indifferences and rejections.”

Under President Xi Jinping, who came to energy in 2012, China has tightened controls on polite society, and a 709 crackdown represents a largest-scale operation in years.

On Monday, 5 spouses of a incarcerated group donned dresses emblazoned with their husbands’ names and marched to a inhabitant prosecutors’ bureau in Beijing — surrounded by dozens of police.

The U.N. High Commissioner for Human Rights described a detentions as “worrying,” though Beijing customarily dismisses such complaints as division in a inner affairs.

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