Females Under 25 during Greater Risk for ACL Re-Tear, Say Researchers

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AOSSM Annual Meeting

Newswise — COLORADO SPRINGS, CO – Graft size, sex and age have a poignant outcome on a contingency of an ACL re-tear post reformation with a hamstring graft, contend researchers presenting their work currently during a American Orthopaedic Society of Sports Medicine’s (AOSSM) Annual Meeting in Colorado Springs, CO.

“Our investigate remarkable that womanlike patients underneath a age of 25 with a swindle distance of reduction than 8 mm have an increasing possibility of re-tearing their ACL following reconstruction. Another contributing emanate to this increasing re-tear rate competence also be due to pre-disposing factors, including estrogen levels, anatomical differences, and decreased knee strength. More investigate is indispensable to serve establish a accurate causes,” pronounced lead author, Duong Nguyen, MD.

Dr. Nguyen and his team, complicated a conspirator of 503 athletes undergoing primary, autograft hamstring ACL reconstruction. The surgeries were all achieved during a singular core by a singular surgeon between Sep –December 2012 and were followed for a generation of dual years. The normal age of a athletes was 27 with 235 females and 268 males holding partial in a study. The same surgical technique was used during all of a procedures. Patients were authorised to lapse to sports appearance between 6 and 12 months post-surgery usually if they were pain-free, had equal quadriceps/hamstring strength and if they had graduated from a reconstruction program.

“Given a formula of a study, we feel that surgeons should warn their younger, womanlike patients accordingly and cruise modifying their surgical techniques to implement incomparable distance grafts and/or reconstruction strategies to relieve a possibility of a re-tear,” pronounced Nguyen.


The American Orthopaedic Society for Sports Medicine (AOSSM) is a tellurian personality in orthopaedic sports medicine education, research, communication and fellowship, and includes inhabitant and general sports medicine leaders. The Society works closely with many other sports medicine specialists, including jaunty trainers, earthy therapists, family physicians, and others to urge a identification, prevention, treatment, and reconstruction of sports injuries. AOSSM is also a first partner of a STOP Sports Injuries debate to forestall overuse and dire injuries in kids.


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