Forum on Tibet’s growth closes in Lhasa

The 2016 Forum on a Development of Tibet, China, sealed on Friday in Lhasa, with participants reaching a accord on a unconstrained region’s development, informative and environmental protection.

The two-day forum, with a thesis “New Phase of Tibet’s Development: Innovative, Coordinated, Green, Open and Shared Development”, was jointly orderly by China’s State Council Information Office and a Tibet informal government. It is a second of a kind hold in Tibet, China, given 2014.

More than 130 guest from over 30 countries and regions attended a forum. They carried out margin visits and exchanges in Lhasa and Shannan forward of a forum’s central opening on Thursday.

Liu Qibao, conduct of a Publicity Department of a Communist Party of China Central Committee, attended a opening rite and gave a speech.

During a dual days, participants supposing judicious opinions and common knowledge on topics like innovative expansion of Tibet, immature expansion of Tibet, misery alleviation and provision improvements in Tibet, as good as a region’s purpose in China’s Belt and Road Initiative.

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