Fubon Financial approaching to take over EDA Rhinos

Multiple reports pronounced a dual companies and CPBL government had reached a extended accord over a sale, 3 months after EDA announced it was offered a team.

Minor sum were still being worked out and an central proclamation was approaching someday before Sept. 12, a reports said.

Asked to comment, CPBL Commissioner John Wu (吳志揚) reliable on Monday that talks over a understanding for an unnamed customer to squeeze a Rhinos were in a final stages, observant a central understanding could be sealed by a finish of September.

The sale volume is reported to be between NT$240 million and NT$300 million, though reports of a understanding have nonetheless to be reliable by Fubon.

Fubon, a longtime believer of a competition in Taiwan, now sponsors an pledge ball team, a Fubon Bulls, and a semi-professional organisation in a Super Basketball League, a Fubon Braves.

Joseph Lin (林書緯), a younger hermit of Taiwanese-American NBA actor Jeremy Lin (林書豪), is a starting indicate ensure of a Fubon Braves.

According to internal media reports, a team, now formed in Kaohsiung, will immigrate to possibly Xinzhuang in New Taipei city or Taipei’s Tianmu.

It has also been suggested that Fubon will rename a Rhinos a Fubon Bulls.

Chris Tsai (蔡承儒), boss of Fubon Sports Entertainment that runs a Braves, is approaching to take over as a CPBL outfit’s ubiquitous manager.

According to reports, a organisation is anticipating to designate mythological Taiwanese pitcher Kuo Yuan-chih (郭源治) as organisation manager.

Changing Management Yet Again

The owners of a EDA Rhinos (義大犀牛), one of 4 teams in a CPBL, announced on Jun 16 that they have motionless to put a organisation adult for sale, after using a side for usually 3 years.

The Kaohsiung-based team, owned by E-United Group, pronounced it done a preference after anticipating that a resources they had poured into a organisation given a squeeze had unsuccessful to furnish improved rankings.

EDA Rhinos’ General Manager Wang Kuei-lin (王癸琳) after pronounced if a organisation did not immediately find a buyer, a organisation would continue to run a Rhinos until one could be found.

The E-United Group bought a organisation from Sinon Corporation in late 2012, changing a side’s name to a EDA Rhinos from a strange Sinon Bulls.

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