General investigated for graft

General Tian Xiusi, 66, former domestic commissar in a People’s Liberation Army Air Force, has been placed underneath review on guess of critical violations of discipline.

A troops anti-graft dialect is looking into his box and will examine suspected violations of Party regulations, according to, a news website dependent to a PLA.

No minute information about his box was available.

His mother and his secretary have also been placed underneath investigation, according to a news published on

The news pronounced he is a third ubiquitous in a PLA to be investigated given a national anti-corruption debate started in late 2012.

Tian began his troops career in a Military Area Command in a Xinjiang Uygur unconstrained segment in 1968. He started as a infantryman and worked his approach adult to emissary domestic commissar of a troops segment in 1999.

According to a report, Tian took partial in a array of battles between China and Vietnam in a early 1980s.

He was promoted to a domestic commissar of a Xinjiang Military Area Command in 2005 and hold a integrate of comparison positions in a Lanzhou Military Area Command and other troops regions between 1999 and 2005.

He worked as a domestic commissar of a Chendu Military Area Command from 2009 to 2012 and worked for scarcely 3 years as a domestic commissar of a Air Force until 2015.

He was allocated as a emissary conduct of a Foreign Affairs Committee of a National People’s Congress after he late from a troops in Aug 2015.

Military departments have been strike tough in a anti-graft campaign, with a dual many highflying officers, Xu Caihou and Guo Boxiong, subjected to crime investigations. Both served as vice-chairman of a Central Military Commission before they were charged with corruption.

Xu was diminished from a troops and a Party, and was private from all posts in a troops in Jun 2014. He died in Mar 2015 of bladder cancer.

According to China’s Criminal Procedure Law, troops prosecutors motionless not to move Xu’s box to trial, though would understanding with his bootleg gains according to law, pronounced a matter from a troops procuratorate.

Guo, who served as vice-chairman of a Central Military Commission from 2002 to 2012, was found to have dissipated energy to find promotions and advantages for others and supposed bribes.

His box was handed over to a troops justice in April, though no outcome has been announced. According to troops prosecutors, Guo confessed to a crime charges.

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