Hang Seng Bank opens Qianhai try to sell mutual supports to 1.3 billion people

Hang Seng Bank, a section of HSBC, has non-stop a mutual account in Shenzhen’s Qianhai financial district, apropos a initial unfamiliar association to respond to a supervision programme to rebrand a southern Chinese city as a heart for complicated services.

Hang Seng will deposit 70 per cent of a Hang Seng Qianhai Fund Management Co., with a purebred collateral of 200 million yuan (HK$233 million). Qianhai Financial Holding Co., a financial arm of a Qianhai city’s regulator owns a remaining 30 per cent.

“This is a miracle of how a Hong Kong account house, by co-operation with Qianhai authority’s blurb arm, could sell account products to 1.3 billion race of a whole a country,” Hang Seng’s executive executive Andrew Fung pronounced in an talk with a South China Morning Post.

The try will be requesting for accede from a China Securities Regulatory Commission to sell a mutual account product comprising a reduction of mainland bond and A-shares investment funds.

“I would like to see a account launched within 6 months on removing capitulation from a CSRC,” Fung said.

Under a permit requirement, a try can marketplace authorized products opposite a whole of China from a basein a special mercantile section in Qianhai, an hour’s expostulate from Hong Kong.

None of Hang Seng Bank’s existent account products are certified for placement in China around a venture, Fung said. He combined that a try could yield advisory investigate services on A-shares to Hang Seng Bank .

Fung saidthat a comparison government of a try would be headed by Hong Kongers.

Li Qiang will take adult a purpose of chairman, while Arthur Liu will turn ubiquitous manager while Fu Yu will has been designated arch investigation officer. Fung will take a residence seat, while 3 eccentric directors are from Hong Kong.

About half of a 40 crew employed by a try will be from Hong Kong, Fung said.

“Hang Seng Qianhai is a initial try that allows infancy tenure by unfamiliar investors,” a account manager’s authority Li said. This creates it easier to import general government and best practises into a venture, he said.

“Hang Seng is one of a largest supports in Hong Kong, with general talent in item management, product growth and risk management,” Li said. “We wish this try will import Hong Kong talent and government knowledge to Qianhai.”

Rose Lee, arch executive of Hang Seng Bank, pronounced a try is a vital developement for Hang Seng in a Pearl Delta River area.

“The corner try will also assistance foster creation in a financial attention on a mainland,” Lee pronounced during a opening rite in Qianhai on Thursday morning.

She pronounced a try will sell account products and item government services to mainland particular and institutional investors.

Fung pronounced a venturewill foster account products around Hang Seng Bank’s mainland bend network opposite 20 mainland cities.

Hang Seng is a usually sino-foreign infancy owned mutual account residence in Qianhai and in China. The Bank of East Asia corner try is not a account residence though a bonds organisation while BEA possess minority stake.

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