Hong Kong companies like record in element though not in practice, HSBC consult finds

Hong Kong companies are unwell to take advantage of new digital technologies, even yet they contend that they are good wakeful of a intensity advantages that these could provide, a investigate has found.

Common barriers to success among businesses in Hong Kong embody miss of believe and imagination and small clarity of coercion in adopting business-related technology, according to investigate from HSBC Commercial Banking.

The Digital for Business Market Study found that 74 per cent of respondents did not have skeleton to request digital record to their businesses, notwithstanding a fact that 69 per cent pronounced they suspicion such record could move poignant advantages. These advantages enclosed improving potency and pushing business development.

“Business owners should take a step brazen in translating their personal use of record into creation use of it in their businesses. Companies that have embraced digital record will be in a improved position to grasp expansion opportunities in a future,” pronounced Albert Chan, HSBC’s conduct of blurb banking in Hong Kong.

The investigate also found that while Hong Kong companies showed a high recognition of record buzzwords, they mostly did not know what these meant in reality. For example, 89 per cent of respondents pronounced they were wakeful of cloud technology, though usually 35 per cent claimed to unequivocally know what it was. Similar recognition practical to “big data”, “artificial intelligence” and “virtual reality”.

When it comes to cloud computing adoption, Hong Kong has been descending behind Singapore.

A consult published final week by Workday, Forrester Research and ServiceNow, found that 16 per cent of respondents in Singapore had entirely adopted cloud computing and done it partial of their core IT truth contra only 6 per cent in Hong Kong. Forty dual per cent of Hong Kong respondents pronounced that they had no skeleton to adopt it.

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