Hong Kong’s TNG Wallet launches app for cross-border income send service

Sending income around Asia is now as easy as touching a symbol on your phone, though users will face credentials checks before they can change vast chunks of income opposite borders to revoke a risk of income laundering.

TNG Wallet’s arch executive and owner Alex Kong pronounced on Tuesday a association was rising apps in 12 Asian countries including mainland China, creation it a initial protected e-wallet in Hong Kong with a ability to now send income opposite borders.

“Once you’re accurate with us, we can send income anywhere, anytime. You don’t need to go to a bank and fill in a same foolish form,” Kong said.

He described a growth as “unprecedented” and one that puts TNG in a position to be a premiere e-wallet, not only in Hong Kong, though in a Asia region.

TNG apps permitting cross-border income promulgation are accessible for download in Nepal, Bangladesh, Thailand, China, Vietnam, The Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, India and Pakistan starting Tuesday, with internal regulations loitering a Singapore version’s launch compartment Oct or November.

In sequence to weed out intensity terrorists or income launderers, users have to uncover their temperament cards to send HK$10,000 or more, or bear an talk and credentials check to send a wallet’s limit send volume of HK$100,000.

Kong pronounced there were no transaction fees, “the best sell rate” and a income would be accessible in a other nation instantly, possibly for pick-up during an opening such as a post bureau or income lender, or in a receiver’s e-wallet.

TNG Wallet is also targeting a 330,000 domestic workers vital in Hong Kong – mostly imagining from a Philippines and Indonesia. A new duty will concede Hong Kong users to compensate bills in The Philippines.

“Every singular week they need to send income to their family members,” Kong said, adding that he approaching 4 million downloads opposite a 12 new countries by a finish of subsequent year.

Kong pronounced he didn’t see China-based services such as Alipay and WeChat compensate as competitors, as TNG’s China-based app was focussed on cross-border income transfers, that those apps don’t now offer, not micro payments during sell outlets.

The app will also concede users to buy 16 opposite unfamiliar currencies during real-time, rival rates and be means to collect adult a income during a selected opening within 3 days.

Tuesday’s display was called “going global” though Kong couldn’t contend when a use would enhance over Asia.

The app launched in Hong Kong 10 months ago and now claims to be a many renouned e-wallet in a city, with 370,000 residents, or 5 per cent of a population, regulating a income send use as of final month.

It offers a operation of functions including person-to-person income transfers, check payments, payments during over 500 sell outlets, income withdrawal 7 days a week and transfers to any of a 23 protected banks in Hong Kong.

“We are still like a baby and yet, this baby is flourishing really fast,” Kong said.

In Aug a Hong Kong Monetary Authority postulated a initial collection of stored-value licenses to Alipay Wallet, Tap Go, WeChat Pay, TNG Wallet and Octopus O! ePay run by Octopus Cards.

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