How tiny can a Hong Kong unit get? Emperor takes a climax with Happy Valley project

Emperor International Holdings will have a indeterminate honour as developer of a minute section in Hong Kong, with a devise to launch a plan where any section measures 61.4 block feet (5.7 block meters), according to filings with a Building Department.

Located during 17-19 Yik Kam Street in Happy Valley on a island, a plan — that is nonetheless to be named — translates an existent 21-storey blurb building into a residential project.

The unit’s stream dimensions excludes space allocated for a kitchen and bathroom, according to a department’s data.

“It might be a smallest prosaic in Hong Kong even holding into comment a kitchen and bathroom,” said

Thomas Lam, conduct of gratefulness and consultancy during Knight Frank.

Adding kitchen and lavatory space, Emperor’s section will still be smaller than Wisdom Gaining’s AVA62 plan in Jordan, a stream record holder.

Each AVA62 section measures 152 block feet — including a patio — offered for HK$20,000 per block foot, or HK$3 million on average.

On Hong Kong island, a record belongs to Henderson Land’s One Prestige apartments in North Point. Last month,a customer paid HK$3.9 million for a 163-square feet section during One Prestige.

Mini flats are all a fury in Hong Kong, as normal home prices have soared over a strech of normal income earners, call developers to scale down.

As many as 5,000 of a tiny flats are in a tube each year until 2019, roughly triple a normal in a final decade, according to a projection by JLL.

“To make it affordable, developers will build their flats smaller and smaller in primary locations to support for investors or singular immature people,” Lam said.

Hong Kong’s families are also removing smaller, hemmed in by out-of-reach housing.

The ratio of two-person households is projected to boost from 25.2 per cent in 2011 to 29 per cent a decade later, while a suit of five-person households is forecasted to tumble from 12.2 per cent to 9.8 per cent in a same period, according to a government’s Domestic Household Projections.

Emperor’s building comprises 68 section units, all of that magnitude 61 block feet, solely for 4 incomparable flats during 121.6 block feet.

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