Howzat: Hong Kong Cricket Sixes will lapse in 2017 as partial of grand rebranding plan

The Hong Kong Sixes will be back, though fans will have to wait until subsequent year before a renouned contest earnings to a internal calendar after 4 years in a wilderness.

The Hong Kong Cricket Association announced on Wednesday that a contest will be hold in 2017, nonetheless there was no discuss of either or not a government’s Mega Events Fund was to assistance financial a event.

The MEF has been in talks with a HKCA over a past few months and a understanding was about to be hermetic dual months ago. However, it is accepted a cricket physique faced certain restrictions.

The HKCA after pronounced that it was looking during final a understanding with a vital unite in sequence to safeguard a long-term destiny of a event.

Long innings: Cricket Sixes organisers in talks with intensity partner to secure long-term future

The lapse of a Sixes is partial of a association’s new four-year vital devise that also involves a extensive rebranding of a body.

“The final 18 months has been a transformational duration for Hong Kong cricket’s development,” pronounced HKCA authority Mike Walsh.

“We have now had a initial ever arch executive officer in place for over a year, and we will shortly recover a new four-year vital plan, that includes an sparkling new code for a competition in Hong Kong.

“Many sparkling projects are already underneath approach that align with a plan’s vital goals including a new facility’s growth during Gin Drinkers Bay, governance reform, and generally a internal growth projects, including a Chinese-focused Junior Cricket Sixes.

“A vital idea of a devise is to light a passion for cricket here in Hong Kong and, in line with this goal, we are really happy to endorse a Hong Kong Sixes will be behind in 2017.”

Blitz is behind – fifth authorization for Hong Kong T20 spectacle, change of dates and presumably Michael Clarke again

The lapse of a Sixes means Hong Kong will theatre dual large general tournaments in 2017 with a second T20 Blitz slated for early subsequent year. The dates and venue for a Sixes have nonetheless to be finalised.

“This is an sparkling announcement. We have already shown a intensity for cricket events here in a past and a lapse of a Sixes in 2017 will element a second book of a Hong Kong T20 Blitz,” pronounced HKCA arch executive Tim Cutler.

“After deliberation a series of proposals and formats for a probable eventuality in 2016 it has been motionless to combine a association’s resources on an operational devise that delivers on other priority projects that need a full courtesy this year.

“With those pivotal initiatives bedded down, it will give a selling and blurb group larger eventuality to broach a bigger, improved Blitz than what was hold during a initial iteration in May this year and a world-class Sixes eventuality that will again constraint a world’s attention, after in 2017.”

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