‘I don’t want to add any more burden on you, Mum and Dad’, says Chinese boy, 15, in suicide note

A 15-year-old Chinese boy committed suicide by drowning himself in a reservoir after leaving a note saying he could not focus on his studies and did not want to burden his parents or become a worthless member of person in the society.

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A search team discovered the body of the unnamed boy – one of the couple’s three children, from Ganzhou, Jiangxi province on Sunday – the day after he left the note and was reported missing, the Southern Metropolis News reported.

“I know clearly that I cannot make it into high school and I don’t want to add any more burden on you, Mum and Dad,” the boy wrote in the note.

“It must be so tough for you to bring up us three children. I know the other two are doing well in school while I just could not focus on studying, even though I tried so hard before.

“I would want to attend university if only I could pay more attention to studying, which I just cannot achieve. I don’t want to become a worthless member of society, nor do I want to live off you both, so I can only choose to die.” he added in the note, according to the report.

The boy begged his family in the note to bury his ashes on a mountaintop, so he could “enjoy the scenery everyday”, the report said.

A mainland blogger, in response to news of the boy’s death on news portal, wrote: “Who told you that not doing well in school equates to being worthless or having to live off parents?

“There is no relation between these things! I want to know who taught the boy these twisted values!”

The major reasons leading to the suicide of mainland teenagers are “slumping test scores”, “being unable to finish homework”, “excessive expectations of parents and criticism from parents”, according to study on China’s education development released by the 21st Century Education Research Institute and Social Science Academic Press in 2014.

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Reports in China about teenagers committing suicide have grown increasingly common in recent years, with the reasons often linked to them receiving physical punishment from teachers as well as heavy criticism from parents.

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