Identical healthy quadruplets innate in Shanghai: 1 in 13 million

A quadruplet is underneath complete caring in Shanghai. [Photo/]

The chances of carrying healthy quadruplets are about one in 800,000. The chances of carrying a set of matching quadruplets are one in 11 million to 15 million, according to

On Jul 7, 4 babies kick a odds. The matching baby girls were delivered shortly after 5 pm Thursday in a Obstetrics and Gynecology Hospital of Fudan University (Shanghai Red House Ob Gyn Hospital) in Shanghai, Shanghai Morning Post reported.

The girls were delivered by Caesarean territory after 31 weeks. All are in good health, weighing 1,120g, 1,100g, 950g and 780g respectively.

“Their conditions are improved than expected,” pronounced obstetrician Shen Jie. “Although their weight is not enough, their majority is good. Only one child breathes with ventilator when being transported.”

The girls were recognised but a assistance of flood drugs; one egg separate 3 times to furnish 4 babies.

The girls were eliminated to a children’s sanatorium Thursday dusk and are underneath complete care.

Already carrying a son and a daughter, a 29-year-old mom is disturbed about a mercantile weight that comes with lifting 6 children.

The sanatorium has seen births of quadruplets in 2004 and 2007.

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