KMT to premier: Reshuffle Cabinet or quit

After taking to the floor en mass chanting anti-government slogans, the KMT legislators later sat on the floor in front of the speaker’s podium as Lin gave his administrative report.

Earlier, KMT Legislator Johnny Chiang had opened the volley toward Lin, saying his Cabinet team offered the people no hope and demanding a reshuffle or Lin’s resignation.

Chiang was one of several opposition members who accused the Tsai Ing-wen administration of “handing out sweets” to anyone who protests, though the lawmakers also voiced support for tourism sector workers who took to the streets Monday.

Lin told reporters before entering the chamber that there were no plans for Cabinet personnel changes. His report focused on government efforts to address economic challenges, such as through the Asian Silicon Valley project, as well as pressing social concerns, including senior care and pension reform.

Of the 16 legislators who registered to make opening remarks before Lin’s report, all but one were KMT members criticizing government decisions on issues from cross-strait relations to energy policy, with most focused on the portions of the tourism sector suffering from a drop in Chinese visitors.

The premier previously said that it was the government’s duty to help tourism businesses during this downturn, assuring the industry that diverse policy measures were already in place.

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