KMT urges court to dismiss lawsuit against ex-President Ma

“The court should not be reduced to Ker’s arena to vent his personal vendettas,” Tsai said. “The judge should therefore reject the lawsuit completely, as there are already prosecutors handling related cases.”

The Taipei District Court has summoned former President Ma Ying-jeou to appear in court this afternoon. Ma would be defending himself over allegations that he was responsible for former State Prosecutor-General Huang Shyh-ming’s leaking of confidential information. Huang was later found guilty of approving an illegal wiretap and leaking information from an ongoing criminal investigation to Ma.

Tsai accused Ker of squandering judicial resources and engaging in political humiliation of Ma by filing the suit. Today’s review court session will be held in public and assess the lawsuit to decide whether to process the case for trial.

He also urged supporters of Ma to gather outside the Taipei District Court, saying there were pan-green supporters who would show up to rail against the former president.

The suit was filed by Ker, who accused Ma of encouraging Huang to leak information about an ongoing investigation into then-Premier Jiang Yi-huah in 2013.

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