Letting it all out: You can feel a Hong Kong athletes’ pain as they humour suspense and disappointment

Few things in competition are purer or some-more frank than a demure tears of a beaten athlete. They tell a story of personal heartbreak that is not indispensably dictated for a universe to see though is suggested anyway.

In a Olympics, a pain cuts deeper given it paint 4 years of dedication, sacrifices and large romantic investment – all obliterated by an error, opponent, a viewed act of misapplication or simply a existence of not being good adequate no matter how good a effort.

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In Rio, as in past Games, tears of fun are limited to a jubilant few while despondency is widespread, with countless Hong Kong athletes among those whose sporting worlds crashed around them.

Sarah Lee Wai-sze’s escape of grief after unwell to win medals in possibly a women’s cycling keirin or scurry was quite formidable to watch.

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Even hardened Hong Kong reporters were incompetent to reason behind when Lee finally came out to see journalists, many of them good friends, after a week of being criminialized from articulate to a media in sequence to improved ready for her races.

Seeing that, it done Lee cry even more. After being beaten by Germany’s Kristina Vogel in a scurry quarter-finals, Lee arrived with a forced grin during a churned section where reporters and athletes are means to meet.

‘My heart is some-more unpleasant than my wounds’: Hong Kong’s Sarah Lee tries to understanding with Olympic nightmare

She patiently did dual interviews with promote television, that has priority true after events, before reaching a created press where for a initial time a knee and shoulder wounds from a tumble in a keirin could be clearly seen.

Her now noted line that “my heart is some-more unpleasant than my wounds” prisoner a hint of what better meant to her and to Hong Kong fans. It pronounced so most about a bid she had put in over a past 4 years given winning bronze during a London Olympics, about a vigour for her to perform by a Hong Kong open and how she unsuccessful to lived adult to her possess expectations.

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Then there was a romantic bid of entrance to terms with a fact that a chairman who caused her tumble in a keirin, Australian Anna Meares, was Lee’s statue and good friend.

“I have given so most bid to this Olympics and we didn’t design one pile-up would kill my chances,” pronounced Lee. “It took me a prolonged time to ease down. we never suspicion that it would be Anna who crashed into me.

“We are unequivocally good friends. She pronounced contemptible though we unequivocally couldn’t accept her reparation during a time. But there are so many things that we don’t wish to occur in races, so we forgave her later.”

There were tears and suspense among Hong Kong’s list tennis and badminton players as well. In list tennis, Hong Kong were beaten by Germany in a quarter-finals of a women’s organisation eventuality and were incompetent to take their approaching place in a semis, that was their target.

The prior day, Hong Kong had beaten a clever Taiwan team. About 15 mins after that match, a churned section offering a stage of sheer romantic contrast. The Taiwanese players, one on a floor, were great and in despondency as they spoke to their home reporters.

A few feet divided were Hong Kong’s Doo Hoi-kem, Lee Ho-ching and Tie Yana with far-reaching smiles happily revelation a Hong Kong reporters about how they overcame their opponents. The Hong Kong players had offering comfortable hugs to their beaten opponents but, in sport, your opponents’ pain is a effect of your actions and magnetism is token during best.

Hong Kong heartbreak as women’s organisation pile-up out to Germany in list tennis quarter-finals

Just one day later, it was Hong Kong’s spin to feel a pain. In that same churned zone, it was Doo, Lee and Tie who were fighting to reason behind their tears as a Germans, after a requisite hugs, distinguished their win.

Then there was Yip Pui-yin, Hong Kong’s women’s singles badminton actor who unsuccessful to make it out of a organisation stages in Rio. Yip wore white during her compare opposite Thailand’s Ratchanok Intanon, observant she wanted to be like a vacant piece of paper and be means to start a new section in her career.

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Choking behind a tears, Yip spoke of her beating and how she had let many people, including herself, down. But Yip insisted that she would quarrel behind and make it adult to herself and Hong Kong fans.

The tears of Hong Kong’s beaten athletes is not an forgive for disaster given a millions of dollars that have been invested into their growth and preparations for a Olympics. That emanate will be addressed and created about in good time.

But what can't be denied is their effort, loyalty and a fact that they put all into it. You can see it in their faces.

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