‘Look over only medals’: Hong Kong Olympic arch Kenneth Fok defends athletes’ opening during Rio Games

Chef de goal Kenneth Fok Kai-kong urged Hong Kong people to equivocate looking during Olympic medals as a be all and finish all of sporting achievement, observant it is unfit to put a value on a unsubstantial advantages of a athletes during general events.

Addressing those who have criticised Hong Kong’s disaster to win a award during a Rio Games, Fok pronounced he was “satisfied” with their performances, even yet best wish Sarah Lee Wai-sze was incompetent to during slightest repeat her lane cycling bronze award from London 2012.

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“I’m privately really satisfied,” pronounced Fok. “Obviously, we came with high hopes and we know that Sarah had a ability since on a general theatre – she has won universe championships, so I’ll be fibbing to contend we are not disappointed.

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“I still feel a crush [in my heart] since she fell [in a keirin race] yet that’s foe and altogether we wish we can see over a medals.

“Of course, medals are critical no doubt, yet we wish Hong Kong people and sports fans can see over that.

“A lot of these athletes achieved their personal bests – [fencer] Vivian Kong [Man-wai] went into a tip 16 [she finished 11th], that no Hong Kong contestant has finished before.

“The swimmers did good with PBs and winning heats. There are copiousness of examples like this.”

Hong Kong fielded 38 athletes during a 2016 Olympics. Lee was a categorical wish for a award and came into a Olympics in primary form. She seemed widespread in a women’s keirin yet while heading in a semi-finals she was nudged by Australian opposition Anna Meares and crashed out.

Hobbled by unpleasant scrapes on her knee and shoulder, Lee soldiered on yet was incompetent to go past a quarter-finals of a scurry event, losing 2-0 to Germany’s contingent bullion medallist Kristina Vogel.

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Also entering a Games with award hopes were a men’s and women’s list tennis players, in a group events, and a churned doubles badminton span of Reginald Lee Chun-hui and Cathy Chau Hoi-wah.

The list tennis teams were knocked out in a quarter-finals, while Lee and Chau unsuccessful to emerge from their rough pool.

Fok, though, confirmed that these athletes are universe class, achieved to a best of their abilities and praised their formula in events outward of a Olympics.

“I’ve always wanted to contend this and it is really important,” he said. “Look during Sarah. She won a universe championship and indeed a universe championships have a same people, a same competitors and she kick them yet everybody usually has eyes on a Olympics.

“Let’s not demeanour during a Olympics as all or zero and also compensate courtesy and support to events such as a universe championships.

“We contingency teach a open about what is a universe championship, what is a Asian Games and Asian championships, let them be some-more involved.”

He pronounced Hong Kong sports fans had been generally understanding of a athletes and a city as a whole advantages from a certain energy.

“The media is indeed really positive,” pronounced Fok. “Sarah fell and didn’t get any medals yet so distant there is zero disastrous about her.

“She didn’t move a award behind to Hong Kong yet she did move behind certain appetite and highlighted a togetherness of Hong Kong people.

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“Moving forward, we know resources are parsimonious yet sports achievement, and sports legacy, it takes years. You can’t only inject collateral now and subsequent year we get a medal.

“Sometimes it takes 8 to 12 years. Look during Great Britain after a London Games. There will always be critics and debates yet when we organize these events it’s not dollar-for-dollar, it’s not cost-benefit research where we contend we spend this most and this should be a result.

“What about a unsubstantial results, a feeling, a togetherness and a certain attitude. You can’t put a dollar value on that.

“You can do that by sports and enlightenment and these are a forms of soothing skills we need. It’s not a business devise or a business proposal.”

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