Lucky amulets, fengshui tips and a Buddha statue: ‘ambitious’ Chinese city central denounced for branch to suggestion world

The northern city of Tianjin recently released a round to a bureaucrats disapproval a comparison central for sucuumbing to “superstition”.

According to a city’s Discipline Committee, Lu Fuchun, a former district celebration head, began behaving strangely after unwell to win dual pivotal positions. Lu afterwards spent hundreds of thousands of yuan on a Buddha statue, wore propitious amulets and had fortune-telling charts printed on a behind of supervision directives.

Lu, 52, was put underneath review early this year for a “serious defilement of discipline”, that customarily refers to corruption. He was diminished from a celebration and from his supervision positions on Sep 1.

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Before his disgrace, Lu had been rising adult a official ladder quickly, and was once regarded as a claimant for Tianjin vice-mayor and as one of a swap members of a Central Committee of a party.

However, unwell to be promoted to these positions was a large blow to Lu, who afterwards incited to a suggestion world, a disciplinary watchdog said.

He reportedly also upheld a reformation of an ancient Buddhist church and done inquires about his career destiny with a feng shui master.

The Communist Party prohibits a members from practising religion.

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The round sent out by a Tianjin disciplinary management described Lu as really ambitious, claiming that he had subordinates play chess with him until late during night in sequence to dope his colleagues into meditative that he worked around a clock.

He is also indicted of holding millions of yuan from internal entrepreneurs in sell for removing them projects or bank loans, and of violating celebration fortify by carrying sex outward his marriage.

Last week, former Hubei celebration trainer Li Hongzhong was named a celebration arch in Tianjin, days after a behaving celebration secretary and mayor Huang Xingguo was placed underneath review for corruption.

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