Making a splash: Hong Kong’s Olympic swimmers take partial in overwhelming artistic print shoot

Hong Kong’s Olympic float group have taken partial in an artistic print fire display off their hard-won jaunty physiques to thespian effect.

The fire – to proclaim a New World Harbour Race subsequent month – saw Stephanie Au Hoi-shun, Yvette Kong Man-yi, Camille Cheng Lily-mei, Claudia Lau Yin-yan and Geoffrey Cheah poise in capricious black and white shots by luminary limp Rex Tsui.

Top stylist Sean Kunjambu was artistic executive for a shoot, with make-up by Zing and hair by Ryoji Imaizumi.

Three thousand swimmers will attend in a cross-harbour open H2O float competition on Oct 16 and Lau, Cheng, Kong, Au and Sze will take partial in a gift category.

“I am a bit fearful to float in a sea though we trust it will be a good one,” pronounced Au, Hong Kong’s flag-bearer during a Rio Olympics.

The cross-harbour competition was initial hold in 1906, and regenerated in 2011 carrying been dangling in 1978.

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