Meet Cheng Hong, a English novel professor, translator … and mother of China’s Premier Li Keqiang

Chinese Premier Li Keqiang began his initial central revisit to Canada on Wednesday, and is travelling with his mother Cheng Hong.

While President Xi Jinping’s mother Peng Liyuan is a troops thespian famous for her fashion, Cheng is a low-profile academician with a doctorate in novel and is a highbrow during Capital University of Economics and Business in Beijing.


Cheng was innate in Zhengzhou, Henan province, in 1957. Cheng Jinrui, Cheng’s father, rose to be a comparison central in a Communist Youth League.

Cheng was supposed into a PLA University of Foreign Languages in 1977, a initial year a inhabitant opening examinations were reinstated.

She met Li Keqiang while doing an modernized grade during Peking University. They married in 1983 and have one daughter.


Cheng is an English highbrow specialising in naturalism in American Literature. She has translated many books in a field, including Wake-Robin, The Singing Wilderness, and The Outermost House.

In a epitome of Cheng’s book Tranquility Is Beyond Price, published in Shanghai in 2009, Cheng wrote that she grown her seductiveness in American and British essay on inlet and a sourroundings when she was a visiting academician during Brown University in a United States.

The university website lists Cheng as one of a “renowned scholars” and says she is a member of a institute’s educational committee.


Cheng is mostly described as a low-profile chairman and reportedly has no business interests.

One highbrow during Capital University of Economics and Business in Beijing told a South China Morning Post in 2012 that university officials put Cheng brazen to turn a vanguard during a college, though she refused.

“Cheng is a dedicated academician who prefers to combine on her work. She treats others with frankness and courtesy,” a professor, who also teaches English novel in a department, said.

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