On a front lines of China’s inundate battle

Firefighters hunt for people stranded in a floods in Poyang county, Jiangxi province, on Tuesday. WANG QI/CHINA DAILY

NANCHANG — As H2O sits dual meters above a warning turn in immeasurable Fanghu Lake in easterly China’s Jiangxi Province, soldiers use forklifts to upsurge sand to strengthen a embankment.

They are helped in their charge by locals, many of them operative furiously to fill sandbags with earth beside a lake, a 30-square-km physique of H2O connected to a even mightier Yangtze River.

With China pang catastrophic flooding during a latest summer rains, a dangerously high H2O levels in Fanghu Lake could means nonetheless some-more misery.

“We are confronting outrageous vigour from probable floods,” pronounced Leng Ling, a staff officer with a fourth multiplication of a Armed Police Hydropower Forces (APHF) during a site.

The 40-plus members of Leng’s multiplication have been operative day and night over a past month to strengthen dams, rescue residents from their flooded homes and send anyone ill or harmed to hospital.

“A few days ago, we were operative to strengthen a dam in Jingdezhen City, that was roughly inundated,” Leng said. “The infantry kept operative in a H2O and did not nap for some-more than 50 hours.”

Since a high H2O deteriorate began in early June, China has mobilized soldiers, officials and a open to ensure opposite flooding, that had left 160 people passed and 28 blank in 11 provincial regions by Thursday.

According to a Office of State Flood Control and Drought Relief Headquarters, a H2O levels of a center and reduce reaches of a Yangtze and vital fresh-water lakes like Poyang and Dongting are all rising, surpassing warning lines in many sections.

Xinhua reporters this week visited Jiangxi, one of a misfortune strike areas by floods this year, to see how disaster impediment and service work is being conducted there.

“Saving people’s lives first”

Jiangxi has seen 15 percent some-more sleet than prior years’ average. The torrent has caused a H2O levels of a Yangtze to arise and upsurge behind to a tributaries and lakes.

For Wu Aoxiang, a conditions has meant heated work on a front line.

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