Passenger injured after Chinese airport shuttle bus nearly crashes into parked plane: report

At least one passenger was injured after a shuttle bus nearly crashed into a stationary plane at Shanghai Pudong International Airport, according to a news website.

The shuttle bus was carrying nearly 100 passengers to board a China Eastern Airlines flight to Qingdao late on Saturday night, reported.

The flight had suffered a two-hour delay and when the passengers got on the bus it was already midnight.

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On the way to their plane, the shuttle bus ran head-on towards a large aircraft parked on the airfield, passengers were quoted as saying.

The driver realised the problem and stamped hard on the brake, jolting passengers on the bus and throwing most to the floor, the report said.

Passengers were unable to lift up one woman injured, according to the article.

The travellers were then stuck on the bus for half an hour with no one coming to their aid, some passengers said.

They demanded an ambulance, but only a wheelchair arrived.

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Half an hour after the accident the airport authorities came and demanded passengers board their plane immediately, but nobody left the bus until the ambulance finally arrived, more than an hour after the accident, to take the woman passenger to hospital, the report said.

It is not clear whether passengers have demanded compensation for the incident.

The airport has yet to make a formal statement about the near collision, the report said.

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