Pole dancing middle-aged woman puts on show on public bus in China

A middle-aged woman put on an impromptu pole dancing performance on a public bus in eastern China, but failed to charm the driver who called the police, according to a newspaper report.

The woman was shown on surveillance camera footage sitting quietly when she first boarding the No. 120 bus in Jinan in Shandong province before she suddenly grabbed a pole by her seat and tried to execute a 360-degree spin around it, the local newspaper the Jinan City Lady reported.

She then carried out more gymnastic moves holding rings used by passengers to steady themselves on the bus, the article said.

The driver called the police after she ignored a request to stop acting “improperly”.

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“She was not only dancing, but singing at the same time,” the driver was quoted as saying.

The woman got off the bus after the police were called, the report said.

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