Police suspended after officers failed to quickly come to aid of distressed girl in China

Two police officers in southwest China have been suspended after they failed to respond quickly to reports that a girl appeared scared and agitated while walking along the street with another man, according to a news website report.

An internet post, widely circulated online, said a girl called for help while walking with the man on Friday in Zunyi in Guizhou province.

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She had to be rescued by passers-by and police confirmed several officers failed to get to the scene in time, reported.

A clip of surveillance video showed a man holding the girl’s arms before another man appeared and she hid behind him.

The internet post also suggested that the girl in school uniform did not know the man who held her by force.

Police later released a statement on social media saying passers-by had rescued the girl.

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It also said two police officers who took charge of the case had been suspended.

The suspect had already gone by the time officers had arrived.

The girl and her mother have reported to a police station and the investigation is continuing, the report said, quoting police officers.

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