Popular website for Chinese intellectuals pulled offline

A website renouned with Chinese intellectuals became untouched on a weekend, with a user observant yesterday he had no thought either it would go behind online.

Consensus Net, or Gongshi Web, a digital height founded in Sep 2009 to lift reports and research by both left- and worried scholars on topics including history, politics and economics, went offline on Saturday.

A notice on a site pronounced it was dangling for an upgrade.

Zhou Zhixing, owner of Consensus Net and a well-connected publisher and domestic commentator, pronounced a website had not been close down by a authorities, though he was capricious about a future.

“It’s tough to envision what will occur in a destiny but, adult to this moment, there is no sequence to stop a operation of a website,” he said.

Zhou pronounced he had no thought when a website would reopen.

‘Leftist takeover’ during Chinese magnanimous heading light Yanhuang Chunqiu

The cessation of Consensus Net comes several months after a large reshuffle of government during Beijing-based outspoken domestic repository Yanhuang Chunqiu, that sparked regard about a gloomy of magnanimous voices in mainland publications.

In serve to a website, Consensus Media Group, of that Zhou is a CEO, publishes dual magazines – Leaders and Financial Digest. Leaders stopped announcement a integrate of months ago.

Writing on a wall for outspoken Chinese repository dual years forward of closure

With a aphorism of “Seeking accord in a epoch of good change” and a settled core values of guileless stating and judicious analysis, Consensus Media Group characterised itself as a media organization that examined topics trimming from politics, a military, beliefs and enlightenment to economics. It directed to “facilitate communications, grasp accord and foster serve agreeable growth of complicated Chinese society”.

A Beijing-based educational who declined to be identified pronounced intellectuals on a mainland were losing their space to make their opinions open as a authorities tightened their grip.

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