Postal Savings Bank off to a stuttering start in Hong Kong after US$7.3 billion IPO

Postal Savings Bank of China’s US$7.3 billion initial open offer, a world’s biggest for dual years, fast became one of a misfortune entrance performers among hulk IPOs, as investors shunned it for a high valuation.

Shares of a bank traded in a parsimonious operation on their initial day, shutting during HK$ 4.77, adult usually 0.21 per cent or 1 HK cent from a offer cost of HK$4.76, that came in during a reduce finish of a cost range.

Among a 17 tellurian IPOs surpassing US$7 billion in value, where information is available, Postal Bank’s entrance reward of 0.2 per cent was a second lowest, according to Bloomberg.

Postal Bank’s first-day opening compares unfavourably with other Chinese lenders whose IPOs done a tip 17.

When Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (ICBC), a largest bank by resources globally, debuted 10 years ago with a US$16.1 billion charity – a biggest on record during a time – a shares climbed 14.66 per cent on a initial trade day.

Bank of China jumped 15.25 per cent after a US$11.16 billion levity in 2006, and Agriculture Bank of China managed to supplement 0.75 per cent in day-one trade following a US$10.04 billion charity in 2010.

Despite hardly moving, Postal Bank, that operates some-more branches in a mainland than any other bank, was a many heavily traded batch in Hong Kong on Wednesday, with turnover reaching HK$4.615 billion and trade volume of 969 million shares.

Li Guohua, authority of Postal Savings Bank, concurred that Wednesday’s trade entrance had unsuccessful to allege many above a offer price, though still described a eventuality as a success.

Postal Savings Bank shares open unchanged, hovering nearby HK$4.76 offer cost in initial hour of trade

“I consider a marketplace response has been utterly common since looking during today’s batch cost being postulated during HK$4.76 to HK$4.77, we trust that it is flattering ideal,” he said. “The bank’s IPO this time especially relied on typical capital.”

Postal Bank’s IPO, that lifted HK$56.63 billion (US$7.3 billion), was charity during a reduce finish of a cost range, amid regard that a bank was overvalued compared to bigger competitors like Bank of China, during a time when a economy was flourishing during a slowest gait in decades.

Market watchers pronounced a gratefulness of a bank was still on a high side among Hong Kong-listed mainland banks.

“The shares are being charity during 20 to 33 per cent reward on a price-to-book basement and a 42 to 57 per cent reward on price-earnings ratio to comps,” pronounced Sumeet Singh, an researcher during Smartkarma, an eccentric investigate website.

First Shanghai Securities’ arch strategist Linus Yip Sheung-chi, however, pronounced charity a batch during a low finish of a cost operation “has left some space for a slight boost after listing, though it’ll be tough to envision after a lock-up duration expires.”

Postal Bank sole 77 per cent of a batch offer to 6 cornerstone investors, who together bought US$5.7 billion of a shares to equivalent a lukewarm response by tellurian and internal investors.

In lapse for early and guaranteed allocations to a shares, cornerstone investors are committed to a six-month duration on offered a stock, according to tenure sheets.

“High cornerstone coverage hasn’t been good for post-listing performance,” pronounced Singh. “This understanding is doubtful to be an exception.”

The Beijing-based bank operates some-more branches than any other lender in a country, with 8,301 of a possess outlets, while 31,756 are agencies run by a postal use dotted opposite China from Lhasa in Tibet to Beijing and fluctuating low into farming areas.

But large isn’t indispensably beautiful. Postal Savings Bank’s lapse on resources is about half that of a competitors, since a bank contingency compensate China Post Group to assistance run a branches, “resulting in reduce non-interest income, and aloft cost-to-income ratio,” pronounced Singh.

Li, however, believes it’s a bank’s expanded business of some-more than 40,000 branches that differentiates it from others. Its destiny growth depends on progressing big-scale banking services, servicing farming and civic areas, and operative with tiny enterprise, he said.

“This approach a bank can best use a resources and support mercantile growth and pill a problems in farming financial services,” pronounced Li. “Our marketplace coverage rate is 2.6 times. we trust that this is a really ideal rate for new times.”

Postal Bank’s inventory towering Hong Kong into a No 1 mark globally for IPOs in a initial 9 months of this year.

The sum volume lifted was reduce than a approaching US$8.1 billion as a IPO was usually 1.6 times oversubscribed.

The 2014 entrance inventory in New York by Alibaba Group, owners of a South China Morning Post, stays a largest and many successful IPO of all time. Its shares non-stop with a 36 per cent reward and finished a initial day 38.07 per cent higher.

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