Presidential Debate: Expert Panel Gives Scientific Analysis of Candidates’ Performances

Four expert panelists each day will present their analyses and answer your questions live and face-to-face. This event will be virtual. You can attend with any device — PC, Mac, iPad, iPhone or Android device (with a webcam) – anywhere with good bandwidth. To participate (ask questions) in the meeting, you must be on video, just as a normal news conference. Register below for guaranteed seating; there is limited seating in the virtual room.

Eight experts (four at each event) will present their analyses. The diverse expert team (7 universities and an institute) will analyze both candidates during the debates for their gestures, facial expressions (including smiles–number, type, appropriateness, etc.), posture, language, including sentiment, tone, inflammatory language, repetition, vocabulary, sentence structure, metaphors, framing, themes, suggestions, subtlety, nuance, honesty (deceit/lies—explicit and implicit), transparency, gender issues, and any other possible quantitative and/or scientific measures/analysis to compare their performance. These experts research within linguistics, rhetoric, psychology, marketing, political science, communication and public relations. The experts will provide a nonpartisan, scientific investigation of the debate.

Tuesday, Sept. 27, 11 am ET

Wednesday, Sept 28, 11 am ET