Recovery continues in twin typhoon aftermath

As of Sunday, large numbers of households in areas such as Pingtung County were still without access to water or power.

“There are still around 10,000 households in Pingtung County without electricity,” Lin said.

While power is expected to return to most households by Sunday night, Lin said several townships still required a temporary electrical line to provide power.

During inspections of the nationwide disaster effort at the Central Disaster Emergency Center in New Taipei City, Lin expressed his fury at the slow progress made by Taiwan Power Company (Taipower) and Taiwan Water Corporation (TWC.)

“There will be a review regarding post-disaster restoration efforts and coordination,” Lin said, adding that he would demand answers from senior executives at Taipower and TWC.

While current disaster relief efforts have reduced the number of households left without power, Lin said more work remains to be done.

Rescue and restoration crews are pushing to return access to utilities in Southern Taiwan and on offshore islands by Sunday.

Twin typhoons that barreled through the island over the Mid-Autumn Festival holidays left behind widespread loss of access to electricity and water in Southern Taiwan and the outlying islands.

Around 1,100 households in Pingtung County have been left without access to water since Meranti struck Taiwan, according to local media reports.

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